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Flight Centre

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Flight Centre is one of the world’s largest independent travel retailers with over 1,700 stores, providing tailor-made, multi-stop travel experiences through the sub-brand Round the World Experts (RTWE).

In 2016, RTWE required a digital experience for existing and prospect customers, providing inspiration for customers and generating leads for the sales team.

Image of user journeys across RTWE channels

Mapping user journeys across RTWE channels


I partnered with a researcher to plan and conduct research with customers and travel consultants to understand problems and needs for people planning a multi-stop travel experience.

I worked closely with the RTWE strategy, content, sales and development teams to lead the customer experience design. I mapped the existing experience, highlighting needs, touchpoints, systems and pain points, and worked with stakeholders to identify opportunities throughout the journey.

I prototyped ideas to test with travellers and stakeholders to ensure we were developing something that was useful, feasible, and viable. Each iteration of the prototype progressed the design fidelity - starting at low-detail sketches and progressing to high-detail wireframes.

I also worked closely with a visual designer to craft a strong and unique digital brand that aligned with RTWE wider branding strategy.

Image of design iteration annotated with issues identified in research along with proposed updates

Design iteration annotated with issues identified in research along with proposed updates

Information architecture

Research and evaluation of the existing website demonstrated that the existing site structure was around organisational silos rather than customer mental models.

Through a user-centred approach I planned the new architecture for the website to better reflect the proposition of Round the World Experts and was validated with customers.

Image of the high-level site map

High-level site map

Cohesive experience

Our research revealed that most customers collated a list of ideas from multiple websites when planning their travel experience, while spending a lot of time explaining their plans with travel consultants.

These insights informed the design of the ‘Trip List’, which allows customers to save items which interest them (such as locations and experiences) as they navigate the site. Unique to the travel industry, they are also able to add items from external websites, including competitors.

Image of trip list proposition on the RTWE website

Trip list proposition on the RTWE website

When customers contact RTWE via the online form, travel consultants can view the customer’s ‘Trip List’ and browsing history on the website. This better equips staff with information about the customer, creating a cohesive experience across channels.

Image of seamless interactions between online and offline communication

Seamless interactions between online and offline communication


The complete experience redesign for Round the World Experts was created within a tight timeframe. The stakeholder teams were overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive about the new experience for customers and staff.

Andrew is an incredibly talented individual. His ability to assess the business case of any product and immediately understand & illustrate features or technical functionality that could further improve them for both the business case and the end user - is impressive to watch.

Andrew is also a kind and witty individual that project team members and clients enjoy working with.

Dan Dunton
Delivery Manager

We have heard nothing but positive feedback in regards to all the wonderful designs, and we're very impressed at the rate in which designs have been churned out to ensure we crossed the line as anticipated.

Mat Camp
Digital Experience Leader at Flight Centre

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